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Duct Sealing

Are you aware ?

In a typical house, about 20 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes and poorly connected ducts. The result is higher utility bills and difficulty keeping the house comfortable, no matter how the thermostat is set.

  • Your home has poorly performing ducts if you have any of the following problems

  • you have high summer and winter utility bills;

  • you have rooms that are difficult to heat and cool;

  • you have stuffy rooms that never seem to feel comfortable;

  • your ducts are located in an attic, crawlspace or the garage; or

  • you find tangled or kinked flexible ducts in your system.

Benefits of duct sealing

Lightning and Surge Protection

Homes in the United States are subjected to up to 300 electrical surges each year. A power surge or energy spike could force too much electricity into your HVAC's circuitry causes it to short circuit. It is important to protect your home from surges in power caused by commonly occurring events like lightning and electrical storms, faulty wiring and bad components, power outages and downed power lines and large home appliances cycling on and off.

Rainy season in South Florida is more than just wet, we live in the lightening capital of The United States. Since lightning storms happen an average of 100 days each year in Florida, it stands to reason that these dangerous volts of power will occasionally wreck havoc on the electricity in our home, damaging our expensive appliances and electronics. We put surge protectors on our computers, so why would we not put that same protection ...
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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The key to controlling your indoor air quality is to know what each room of your home needs to keep the air clean.
Living Room
A living room is usually a well-used area of a home and may harbor indoor pollutants. It is important to ventilate properly, keep secondhand smoke outside of the house, and vacuum and dust regularly. Pets can trigger allergy and asthma attacks due to dander and hair. Keep them out of the sleeping areas, and away from upholstered furniture, carpets, and stuffed toys. Vacuum and clean carpets, rugs, and furniture often.

A bathroom is often the dampest area of a home. It is important to ventilate a bathroom during use and dry damp surfaces. Bathrooms are a common source of mold. Humidity from showers can cause moisture problems, which will lead to mold growth. Mold can ...
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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spring is here and that means summer is right around the corner. You’ve probably already noticed the change in the temperatures, soon the daily high temperatures will be hovering around the mid 90’s with extremely high humidity to add to the discomfort. You will probably feel thankful when you arrive at home to a nice cool house at the end of the day.
But what if you came home and found that your air conditioner was no longer working? If for some reason you’re A/C stops working, especially in the summer, you probably won’t wait long to call a licensed air conditioning company in the South Florida area. Now you have to decide whether or not to pay for emergency service or have a very uncomfortable night by waiting for a technician to arrive the following day.
But should you wait for the air ...
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A/C Filter Choices

If your air conditioner unit is not functioning properly or you feel like your indoor air quality is not what it should be, it may be time to change the air filter in your cooling system. Ultracool recommends changing the filter in your Fort Lauderdale home regularly to avoid damages and costly repairs to your system. Before running out to the store, it’s important to consider every aspect of your home to ensure you get the perfect filter for your air conditioner!
When should I change my air filter?
Depending on your home’s environment, there are many different factors that come into play when it comes to changing your air filter. Some of these factors include:

  • The type of filter you use

  • Pets in your home

  • Overall air quality

  • Occupancy of ...
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