Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The key to controlling your indoor air quality is to know what each room of your home needs to keep the air clean.
Living Room
A living room is usually a well-used area of a home and may harbor indoor pollutants. It is important to ventilate properly, keep secondhand smoke outside of the house, and vacuum and dust regularly. Pets can trigger allergy and asthma attacks due to dander and hair. Keep them out of the sleeping areas, and away from upholstered furniture, carpets, and stuffed toys. Vacuum and clean carpets, rugs, and furniture often.

A bathroom is often the dampest area of a home. It is important to ventilate a bathroom during use and dry damp surfaces. Bathrooms are a common source of mold. Humidity from showers can cause moisture problems, which will lead to mold growth. Mold can cause allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory ailments. Installing and using a ventilation fan will help to control moisture and inhibit mold growth.

A bedroom often contains materials that collect dust. It is important to clean bedding and other fabrics, and vacuum regularly. Dust mites can trigger allergy and asthma attacks. Dust mites are everywhere especially on pillows, blankets, carpets, upholstered furniture, and stuffed toys Dust and vacuum your home regularly, wash bedding, and use allergen-proof mattress and pillow covers.

A kitchen has appliances that may leak gases, and often contain chemicals for cleaning or removing pests. It is important to properly maintain and ventilate appliances, and safely store chemicals. Common household cleaners, often placed under the kitchen sink, release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), when used and stored. Store household products that contain chemicals according to manufacturers’ instructions and keep all products away from children. Consider purchasing cleaners without VOCs. To help prevent carbon monoxide exposure, make sure appliances such as gas stoves vent to the outside whenever possible and that all appliances are properly installed, used, and maintained. Carbon Monoxide detectors should also be considered in a home with gas appliances.
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