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Please take the time to read a few testimonials from our clients. If you have any questions about our services, please call us at 954-452-8101.

In a time of immense corporate greed there is a small bastion of civility and good will; a company built on relationships, kindness, good humor and fairness. A few years ago I had need of an air conditioner for a property I owned far from my home. I called many companies and got the usual song and dance with this and those add ons before getting to the bottom line. I called UtraCool who quoted me a price far below the others with no add ons, tax included. A price to which they stuck though the job was a difficult one. They did it quickly with excellent equipment and everyone always spoke to me sweetly. Yesterday, in that far off place there was a leak and I called Lori who remembered me and we spoke as old friends. She sent someone out to fix it but it seemed to be more of a plumbing problem and connected to an area that only the building could touch. I called Laurie, very worried. Though she could have sent her repair person out again and "of course," being Ultracool, "there would be no second charge" and it would have been fixed, she asked me what the plumber charged, I found out and called her. She said “oo that's a good price, hire him if you want". Being Ultracool, there was also no charge for the first call…They spent their time on their own dime. Try, in this day and age, to find another company with such loyalty and care given to their customers.
Ellyn G.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Over the past nine months, I have had several companies from the service industry in and out of my home from general contractors to window installers, but Ultracool AC & Heating Inc. takes the cake for the service industry. Their professionalism, integrity, perfection and respect for the homeowner is impeccable!! Not only did they set us up with what I like to call the 7-series of AC units, but their prices were unbeatable. They delivered a quality ac unit for a reasonable price.Ultracool's employees showed up on time, were prepared for the job, demonstrated the utmost respect for our entire family, and made us a true priority to them. Owner and operator Neil Singh takes pride in his company, yet is a humble gentleman. He came by our home to observe the progress that his team had made thus far. Being the perfectionist that he is, Neil wasn't pleased with the aesthetics of the job- that the gauges could be seen running alongside the house because of the position we wanted the ac unit. Even though the wiring was covered safely and inconspicuously, and my husband and I insisted that they were going to be covered with shrubs and we were perfectly happy with the job thus far, Neil's integrity was unstoppable, and before you know it, he's outside with a ball cap on his head working the job with his team; not something you see much anymore. Neil insisted that they start over and install everything through the wall, into the attic and back down through the ceiling into the garage where the handler was... It was a difficult and tedious job that took all day, but what an excellent job they did!!I would not only recommend Ultracool AC & Heating to anyone, but insist on doing business with them for all of your ac/heating care. They are the perfect picture of their logo- They're not just cool... They're ULTRACOOL!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Neil Singh and his staff at Ultracool AC & Heating Inc.
The Ross Family
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I want to thank UltraCool for a job very well done. I know that customer's are so quick to take time to complain about what went wrong, but very few will take the time to compliment good customer service.Patrick, John & Harold [I sure hope I got the names right] were great. Lori, your participation was very helpful also. I do admit that the primary reason for contracting UltraCool was that your estimate came in very competitive to the several quotes received, but by including the follow-up service for the first year it sealed the deal. I was still worried about the process and how it was going to come together. My worries were put to rest by the fact that when I called with questions you were always available to assist me and provide me with coordination on the process. I liked that I was able to discuss in detail the charges; UltraCool was true to their quote!As a business-woman, I have found in the past how little contractors will appreciate my questions and concerns. The team was open to my questions, didn't seem put off by my observing what they were doing and treated me as if they were talking to any guy - in other words they didn't make me feel like a woman asking petting things.I took a few pics of the event that I want to share with you. I thought if you do any type of albums, this work is a great testament of how UltraCool works.Please extend my regards to Neil whom I did not get to meet, but he did send a great rep in Patrick. Thank you. My staff and I are now enjoying cool air again.
Linda B. / The UPS Store #0390
Davie, FL

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