Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spring is here and that means summer is right around the corner. You’ve probably already noticed the change in the temperatures, soon the daily high temperatures will be hovering around the mid 90’s with extremely high humidity to add to the discomfort. You will probably feel thankful when you arrive at home to a nice cool house at the end of the day.
But what if you came home and found that your air conditioner was no longer working? If for some reason you’re A/C stops working, especially in the summer, you probably won’t wait long to call a licensed air conditioning company in the South Florida area. Now you have to decide whether or not to pay for emergency service or have a very uncomfortable night by waiting for a technician to arrive the following day.
But should you wait for the air conditioning to stop working before calling a local contractor to your home. Most people believe that the only time they need to call their HVAC contractor is to fix the AC unit when its broken. That is not the case. Air conditioning systems require regular HVAC maintenance in order to properly function and not end up breaking down when you need it most.
Without preventative maintenance your air conditioning system may not work as well as it should or it may just stop working all together. It’s of the upmost importance to have a reliable air conditioning company perform regular maintenance and inspections of you air conditioner in order to avoid break downs and other unexpected issues.
Remember that in the Southern area of Florida we use our HVAC systems nearly year around, so scheduling regular maintenance not only ensures that your unit is in the best possible condition. Odds are that a breakdown of your system is going to be more expensive than keeping up with regular maintenance of the system. Having regular maintenance allows the HVAC technician to recognize and report any potential problems before you have a breakdown. Also, if your system has unidentified issues for a long period of time it may cause damage to other parts of the system as well.
Your also assuming that a local reliable contractor in the Dade, Broward , or Palm Beach County areas will be able to immediately come out and repair your problem. Realistically, you may have to wait a few days during the busy summer season before your AC can be repaired.
The best way to maintain your air conditioner is to hire an experienced air conditioning repair company to maintain your AC on a regular basis. Most heating and air companies often offer warranties on their service and they may arrive to the service appointment with a truck supplied with spare parts so that they can replace or repair almost anything that requires fixing on the spot.
As you look for an honest and reliable South Florida HVAC contractor to service, maintain, or replace your Air Conditioning system make sure that they are licensed, insured and have properly trained and educated technicians . Ultracool Air Conditioning & Heating would be honored for the opportunity to care for your HVAC needs, we are not only licensed and insured but we are a NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified company with over 60 years of combined experience. Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment. 954-452-8101